Banish foreign currency confusion and have clarity over your spending while you escape, relax and have fun. All this for a tiny fraction of your annual trip and holiday spend.

Spendigo lets you record your spending during your holiday/vacation/trip/weekend away and keep tally. You spend loads each year, and how best to spend it conflicts with being carefree, which is what we all need when taking a break. So Spendigo does it’s best to get the balance right: minimum necessary attention to spending, but just enough to bring you some clarity and take the weight off your mind.

How good are you at dividing by awkward exchange rates like 31600 in your head? Or multiplying by 760? Terrible? So are we, but Spendigo isn’t, and Spendigo makes it effortless for you. By using Spendigo, you lose any worries you have over confusing amounts, and you can forget about totals, knowing that you can look at them afterwards.

Use Spendigo for anything with a beginning and an end: a day trip, a weekend away, a vacation, a trek across several countries, or even a shopping spree.

Already using an accounting app? Use Spendigo while you are escaping on holiday so that you are not reminded of the bills waiting at home.

See your results pictured graphically on your return, and if you really must see lots of numbers, you can dive into the full detail by sending yourself a spreadsheet from within Spendigo.


  • Quick to use and easy to learn
  • Easy-to-follow help and support in the app
  • See foreign amounts in your home currency as you type
  • Log spending by category and popular subcategories
  • Spendigo knows when you enter a new country and what currency you will be using
  • Add place notes to remind where you were and when
  • Record your use of cash and card if you need; hidden out of sight when you don’t
  • Choose how much spend detail you see
  • Hide scary totals away if you need, or see them with your equivalent home currency spend
  • See results graphically, export via email if you need numbers
  • Make Spendigo match your holiday mood by using your favourite holiday picture as a background, or use one of our great standard pictures

Quick Tour


Start your first activity



A series of tips guide you through new situations as they arise.


Let Spendigo know when you leave home and return home. Add a note to remind of places you visit.


To add a spend, pick from basic categories: things you consume, things you keep, travel, things you do, things other people do for you.


Popular subcategories are available in each basic category.


  • Get an immediate idea of what a foreign currency amount is in your home currency as you type.
  • Just the amount is all you need to add a spend.
  • But if you want, add a description, change the currency, change the date, record cash or card.
  • Add anticipated future spends. Add spends you made hours/days/weeks earlier. Add a spend now to fill in later.
  • Change a spend at any time.

  • Spendigo notices when you arrive abroad and tells you where you are in relation to home, both time-wise and currency-wise.
  • If you tell Spendigo when you exchange or withdraw cash, Spendigo will help you cross-check how much is left, and can tell you exactly how much home currency each spend used up.
  • Spendigo can show you detail on your spends each day, or you can collapse it away.


  • Summarise your day’s spends in a paragraph or when you want more detail, expand to columns.
  • Previous days spends are out of sight and out of mind. Just tap the day to hide/reveal or leave them to hide automatically.
  • You can even switch off daily totals, and wait for the big reveal when you get back home.

  • Choose a background to suit your holiday mood.
  • Use your favourite photo, or
  • Use a photo of the moment, or
  • Use one of our great photos.


  • See your results graphically.
  • Export the results if you would like to get at the numbers in a spreadsheet.

Spendigo is a valuable addition to the things you take with you on holiday.